Like with most other things, size does matter when looking for your next meeting venue. One of the most important parts of meeting preparations would be looking for the best meeting spaces in your target location. This is a very challenging aspect of managing and setting up meetings because everything starts or ends with a good venue.

Why would you consider having your meetings in Washington, DC? For one, this is coined to be the center of politics, tourism, and commerce. Business thrives in Washington, DC especially if you are under the telecommunication, information technology, and service industries. This is also the home of 51 Fortune 500 companies and the biggest brands in the world.

With that in mind, you would definitely find the largest and most modern meeting spaces that would complement your brand right at the heart of Washington, DC. Here is a list on where to find meeting spaces in Washington, DC:

  • Four Seasons Hotel. This is an elegant meeting venue that has historically shaped the face of business for many years now. It showcases a very large meeting venue that can accommodate up to 222 guests so this is perfect for meetings and conferences for a large group of participants. They also offer hotel accommodations with a majestic view of Washington, DC’s sights.

  • The Dupont Circle. This is a luxury boutique hotel that seamlessly combines technology with the lavish comforts of life. They have very spacious suites that can accommodate as much as 327 guests plus stellar amenities. They are famous for their American-French cuisine and cocktails that will surely wow your guests. This is a top meeting space specifically tailored for business and social purposes.

  • The Kimpton George Hotel. This is a perfect meeting space situated at Capitol Hill that can accommodate flexible number of guests or from 10-150 people. This is one of the top-rated meeting spaces in Washington, DC. In fact, this was awarded a Certificate of Excellence in 2017 by Trip Advisor and was also dubbed to be the Best Hotel in Washington, DC for 2017 by the U.S. News & World Report.
  • Park Hyatt Washington DC. This stylish hotel has earned itself a Forbes 4-Star rating as it provides a relaxing and luxurious space for both business and leisure. This is situated near the historic spots of Washington, DC plus the best shopping centers and restaurants. This can accommodate any guest size and type with its five private boardrooms that is perfect for smaller meetings.

  • Blue Duck Tavern Restaurant. This is a very popular restaurant in Washington, DC because President Obama would frequently visit the place for their apple pies. This restaurant is ideal for those who are having small- to medium-sized guests and those who want a casual vibe during the meeting. The restaurant has a Michelin star and this always makes it to the list of the Very Best Restaurants as picked by Washingtonian Magazine.

While formality in setup is standard in most meetings, many CEOs now prefer the laidback or informal yet professional approach that can get more done without the fuss. The above meeting spaces suggested will help you determine the ideal setup for your organizational meetings that can hasten productivity, strengthen partnerships, close deals, and increase revenue.

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