Americans hold an estimate of at least 11 million meetings every day. Many companies spend a lot on meetings but would often be a drag and can deflect productivity. It’s not really about the meetings itself but how people approach the idea of having a series of meetings out of routine and necessity.

Meeting should add value to the company and not just be an expense. So, you must come prepared for a meeting and request for the agenda so you can do your research and be able to contribute ideas during the meeting.

Meetings could be for the verbose but is still a necessity for company success. New York is a favorite destination for companies holding meetings because of its location which is situated in the business district. Holding power luncheon meetings with your boss, partners, colleagues, or clients need some greasing. Meetings are geared towards success when you pair up sumptuous food with first-class fine dining atmosphere.

There are New York venues or restaurants that are specifically designed for ensuring that meetings are successful. Here are the top options on where to book meeting rooms in New York City:

  • Gotham Bar and Grill. This is a venue that is built to impress. Your meetings will certainly be productive and enjoyable as Gotham Bar and Grill has consistently maintained its standing being one of the most popular restaurant in the power lunch arena for over 25 years. The venue has an excellent mix of an informal yet professional ambience that creates a relaxing yet productive space for collaborators. The restaurant is well-famed for its spectacular artwork, amazing wine, and sumptuous food prepared by chef Alfred Portale.

  • Le Cirque. The synergy of food and history has made this a landmark for special celebrations and meetings. This is dubbed as your go-to location for a regal meal because this A-list restaurant serves not just the aristocrats but the regular lunch crowd. The place has an invigorating ambience with the fusion of food, culture, art, and fashion served in one platter. This is a popular place to invite people to meetings because of its impressive aesthetic appeal and warm ambience.

  • The Modern. If you are looking for a modern restaurant with stunning architecture and lighting, then this is definitely the place to be. This museum café overlooks the Sculpture Garden which could be a bit pricey but well worth it especially with their excellent food and wine plus professional services.
  • The 21 Club. This is considered to be the originator of the power lunch restaurants in New York since its opening in 1930. The venue gives you that classic New York vibe. It serves its famous country club menu and still has a strict dress code. According to Forbes and New York Times, the biggest deals are always closed right at 21.

It is then crucial that you pick the right venue for your meeting because this will ultimately reflect the value you put into your time and conversations with people that matters to your business.

Meeting rooms in New York City can help you close deals. Any discussion shared over a hearty meal would definitely get you one inch closer to gaining the upper hand in your transactions.

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