Since early 2016, technology-based Start-ups have bloomed all over the world. To help the ever-busy entrepreneur, a whole new ecosystem shaped around the start-ups. Co-working spaces, Incubators, Accelerators are just some of the well-defined components of this ecosystem.

A one-person start-up can work from anywhere. But as the size of your business grows, you will need more people to help. When you hire more people, you will also need space to put them all together and this is where workspaces come in handy.

In a typical co-work space, you rent the number of seats you need rather than renting the whole office. This way, you can spend your time on business instead of running the admin functions like making sure the Wi-Fi is ok, the AC is working, etc. A co-working space can help you run a lean business at an affordable price.

How to find workspaces?

Here are some of the best apps to find a workspace that suits your needs.

  1. Loop

Loop is like an access card to enter a network of fantastic co-working spaces. As a member of the site, you can get a one-day free access to each space in its network every month. So, you can try a place before deciding to stay on a longer term. Their prices are very affordable and they have over 100 locations in their network already.

  1. Workfrom

Entrepreneurs like Workfrom because it gives you key information even before you step into one of its locations. You can find out information about Wi-Fi speeds, seating availability, facilities like coffee shops, etc for each location. With listings in over 1250 cities, Workfrom is a great option to find your next workplace.

  1. Breather

Breather is a great option when you need a little more than a chair, plug point and Wi-Fi. With Breather, you can access professional meeting rooms and spaces. The account setup is free, and it works great for collaborative working. But it is available only in a few big cities. Need a place to meet your clients? Get on Breather and find a space in minutes.

  1. DesksNearMe

DesksNearMe is one of the largest providers of co-working spaces in the world. They have over 9000 listings from over 1400 companies. With this app, you can access workspace, meeting rooms, office building, medical suites, retail space, almost anything related to temporary space. It is one of the biggest facilities providers in the world.

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