What are the most downloaded porn apps?

Pornography and technology are great together. The latter has helped boost the former to unprecedented numbers. Millions of individuals all over the world use mobile devices to watch adult content. Many of them are using porn apps in order to make their porn viewing experience that much better. The apps allow anyone to watch free porn, play games and do many other adult related things.

So exactly which porn apps are the most popular? Which are the most downloaded and worth installing on your device? Overall, there are several of them you should use. Keep in mind that iPhone users may have a tougher time with adult apps. The problem stems from Apple’s strict policy on pornography. Still, there are ways around them and many of them can be used to watch great porno.

Mikandi – The name of this app may sound a bit weird to people. However, it is quickly becoming one of the most downloaded porn apps in the world. Porn lovers can do quite a lot with this application. They can watch hentai, cartoon and animated porn as well as live webcam shows. Mikandi updates itself regularly in order to stay on top of malware and viruses.

Pornhub – Mobile owners who are into pornography likely know all about Pornhub. In part, it’s because the site is renowned for the vast amount of great porn it offers. It helps explain why the Pornhub porn app is one of the most popular and downloaded today. By installing the app, the porn is easier to view on your smartphone. It’s also arranged in a way that makes browsing through it more efficiently and faster. Beware of dangerous and counterfeit versions of this app.

Cumdroid – By collecting porn from top adult sites, this app brings them all to its lair. That’s perfect for people who don’t want to visit individual adult sites. Cumdroid snatches the hottest and latest videos from sites such as XVideos, VRPorn, XHamster, XNXX and many others. Best part about the application is that it is totally gratis.

YouJizz – As it stands now, the YouJizz site is already one of the most popular on the planet. Their porn app making the top list should come as no surprise. Users can instantly gain access to thousands of ruttish, salacious and sexually graphic material. That includes dozens of categories such as anime, MILF, Asian and amateur.

Planet Pron – Downloading this app will give anyone instant access to more than 200K plus porn videos. The best part about it is that it comes with a privacy lock. That way, you can enjoy your smut viewing without worrying that someone else will see what you are looking at. Unlike traditional adult sites, there are no ads to deal with when using this application. However, you will have to pay $5. for that feature. Once you do so, you will also gain entry to higher-quality porn.

GetJar – This adult app can be used for much more than simply watching porn. There are several adult games you will be able to play as well. If that wasn’t enough, the app offers tips on masturbation and bringing the sparks back to your relationship. In addition, GetJar brings you several other categories not related to porn and other useful info.